Buffalowingsapp: We Bring to the Table Sophisticated Apps for Businesses

Since 2010, Buffalowingsapp was providing custom business solutions with the help of emerging technologies and innovations. We work with forward-looking entrepreneurs who are looking for professional assistance in building information technology infrastructure for their organization. Our team began as a small group of freelancers who united for one joint project. But this collaboration resulted in a productive work and complete success, and today our company accounts over 100 developers to serve an ever-growing clientele of small and big businesses. Thanks to our skills and proficiency we got a word-of-mouth advertising which leads to the attraction of more customers.

What we do

We listen to our clients business challenges and innovative ideas and help them to make app concepts working programs and tools that solve problems and drive efficiency. We utilize the modern technologies and keep learning emerging innovations. We adhere to customer-centered approach striving to cater our clients’ needs and deliver a solution that achieves the desired goal. As far as our expertise embraces a huge part of IT domains, we offer a full spectrum of services and support end-to-end development taking all worries and delivering exciting results.

Our Values

As any reputable company, we have a summa of values our work is founded on. These principles help us to build not only high-quality It products but also healthy business relationships with our clients. Here is top three of them:
  • Teamwork. We believe that people are the most valuable resource we have. And we maximize the efficiency of each team member with a collaborative work and shared expertise. Our strong side is a teamwork of skilled individuals. We value our staff and create all conditions for their productive work.
  • Commitment. Approaching our team, you can rely on us as your own in-house IT specialists. Our customers’ success is the brightest evidence of our success, that is why we put our hearts in every development project. We work closely with our clients ensuring that our work meets their expectations.
  • Quality. The quality of our products is our face, that is why we prioritize it and ensure with rigorous testing. We provide the quality that meets corporate and universal standards.