Get Inspiration from Business Apps Available in the Market

There are many business apps to choose from that can simplify your operations and reduce the stress of the workday. Here, we've selected the best solutions to help your business run smoothly.

G Suite

No matter where you are, this is a file you carry with you. It's a secure cloud-based storage and you can put whatever you want. Most corporate users need to access spreadsheets, text documents, etc. during the week. The G Suite (including Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, etc.) means these applications can be done with just one click.

In addition, you can collaborate with colleagues in real-time or when it's appropriate to use integrated review and commenting tools.


Evernote positions itself as an app to help you develop, share and collect ideas about yourself or other people.

You can create sketches, task lists, and more, and don't waist time you need with complicated search and support for multiple devices and platforms.

About 30,000 businesses around the world are using Evernote to increase productivity.


It's definitely an app for those who want to avoid useless work. It is a tool designed to help you not mess up productivity. In many ways, Slack works like a lot of Twitter streams, but if you're invited to a particular channel, you'll only be able to see the content on them. You can use @channel to add everyone on your channel or use @handle to tag individuals on the channel or mark them with private messages.

You can create topics a bit in Gmail for future reference, and you can use emoticons to react to users' posts, including custom posts. It may be important, if you need to focus on other things for a while, you can set "Do Not Disturb" mode and mute channels.

Most organisations start using Slack without even knowing it. An individual team or small department will begin using the free version to get the job done. This usually catches the attention of business managers before they record a company's payment plan, and they will evaluate a wider deployment and quickly reap the benefits of the business.


For those who have to manage projects and teams, this business app will soon become indispensable.

It's very easy to understand and use the interface that is a big part of the charm - you create cards (shown on the cards displayed on the card) and move them to different places when they are assigned or completed. You can archive or delete and use tags, assign them to people, and more. The work really should not be so fun!

When You Need something more

Do you feel that your business requires something more than just a ready-made business app? Our app developers can combine any features you are looking for in one solution to meet the growing needs of your business. Contact us today to discuss your project.