Get the Flexibility

Here, we land directly on the structure and library discussions. React is really just a UI library. It does not specify routing,data acquisition, state management, or even language selection. On the other hand, Angular makes decisions about these things.

React doesn’t provide default values, but leaves that content to the community. As a result, a vibrant and diverse ecosystem has emerged. It offers great flexibility in building React applications and how to adapt React to the team that works best for you. But you need to weigh the pros and cons.

Many choices can be overwhelming. Newcomers to the React often comment on this difficulty. However, in general, the flexibility offered by React has become an asset and contributes to its popularity. As we shall see next, the self-justification of the Angular team prejudiced its adoption, perhaps more than any other.


TypeScript is a Java and C # language that is compiled in the JavaScrip. One of its most famous and popular features is the static type. One of the key decisions of Angular 2 is to use TypeScript as the language used for development.

Many people like TypeScript and actually use the Angular because they like the familiarity it brings to people in C # or Java (common in Angular). They also think it is technically superior. However, for many other developers, TypeScript is an obstacle to entry. Learning it in the already devastating and rapidly growing JavaScript ecosystem is another matter.


A paradigm is a model or pattern. There are many popular JavaScript examples, including object-oriented programming (OOP) and functional programming (FP). Paradigms are more important than sometimes recognized. They help form a mental model for problem solving. Familiarity with specific paradigms can help accelerate development by providing a psychological shortcut to solve the challenges of creating an application. They can also help generate higher quality software.

Angular is definitely the end result of OOP. TypeScript is a good example. It allows C # and Java developers to move more easily to building front-end applications using JavaScript.

What Technology Is Better

Angular vs React - what is the right choice between these two frameworks? In short, the future of both is brilliant. React continues to be popular and has become the standard starting point for many new developers.

Although Angular continues to see an increase in usage, it is still behind React. Another factor in these two frameworks is the emergence of Vue. It is growing at a very fast pace and it is very likely that the Angular will be the second most popular chart by the end of the year.